Kim Dong Ju............Korean profile


Graduated from The Dep't of The Fine Art Education, Chunnam University.(B.A.)
Graduated from The Graduate School of Kyunghi University.(M.A.)

Personal Exhibition

Nam-do Art Hall,Kwangju.
Nam-bong Gallery,Kwangju.
Cho-hyung Gallery,Seoul.
Invited by Chung-jak Gallery,Seoul.
1995 Invited by Da-do Gallery,Seoul.
Invited by Pharos Gallery,New York.
MBC Art Hall,Mokpo.
Goong-dong Gallery,Kwangju.
1997 Seoul Arts Center,Seoul.
1998 Cho-heung Culture Museum,Kwangju.
1999 Cho-heung Gallery,Seoul.
Buk-gu ward Office Gallery,Kwangju.
Kim,Dong-Ju Gallery,Mokpo.
2000 Seoul Arts Center-Seaf2000,Seoul.
2002 Mu-deung Art Hall,Kwangju.
Insa Art Center,Seoul.

Group Exhibition

2001 Women Artists Exhibition.(Nambong Gallery)
Youngnam and Honam Districts Exchange Exhibition.(Jinju City Gallery)
La Mer.H&S Open Anniversary Invitational Exhibition.
(La Mer.H&S Gallery)
Tower Women Artists Exhibition.(Pusan Tower Gallery)
Ilmok Association Exhibition.(Mokpo Culture and Art Hall)
Nambu Contemporary Art Festival.(Taejeon City Museum of Art)
Exhibition for Recovery of Korean Drawings Homogeneity.
(Mokpo Culture and Art Hall)
2000 Exhibition for Recovery of Korean Drawings Homogeneity.
(Kwangju City Museum of ART)
Kwangju-Pusan Art Exchange Exhibition.(City Museum of Art)
New Millennium Meeting and Hope Exhibition.
(Kwangju Buk-gu Ward Office Gallery)
Internet Art Fair 2000 Exhibition.(Seoul Municipal Museum of Art)
1999 Youngnam and Honam Districts Women Artists Exchange Exhibition.
(City Museum of Art)
Exhibition for Recovery of Korean Drawings Homogeneity.
(Taejeon City Museum of Art)
Korean Fine Association Exhibition.(Line Gallery)
Oh,Korea Exhibition.(Gallery Sang)
Today`s Sehwa art Exhibition.(Kwangju Shinsegye Gallery)
1998 Korea Fine Art Association Exhibition.(Line Art Museum)
Exhibition for Recovery of Korean Drawings Homogeneity.
(Pusan Cultural Center)
1997 Sketch and Painting Aboriginal Exhibition.(Gallery Sang)
Seeking for the Lost Home Land.(Gallery Sang)
21C Korean Arts Representation Exhibition.(Seoul Arts Center)
Internet Arts Exhibition.(Seoul Arts Center)
Korean Arts Association Exhibition.(Line Art Museum)
Exhibition for Recovery of Korean Drawings Homogeneity.
(Unhyun Palace Art Museum)
1996 World View`s Aesthetic Sense and Prospect Exhibition.(Chohyung Gallery)
Today`s Korean Modern Arts Exhibition.(Tokyo)
Pusan,Kwangju Korean Drawing Exchange Exhibition Commemorating.
Pusan Sea Festival.(Pusan)
Vis-a-Vis Invitation Exhibition.(Marseilles,France)
International MANIF Special Exhibition.(Seoul Arts Center)
Exhibition for Recovery of Korean Drawings Homogeneity.
1995 Coalition for Economic Justice`s Invitation Exhibition for Greeting Spring.
(Unhyun Palace Art Museum)
Commemoration Exhibition for 1st Anniversary of Monthly Arts Market
foundation.(Dukwon Gallery)
Invitation Exhibition Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of Westbeth
Gallery.(New York Manhattan 55Bethune st.)
Exhibition for Recovery of Korean Drawings Homogeneity.
(Kwangju Biennale Support)
Exhibition of Korean Contemporary paintings in New York.(Noho Gallery)
Exhibition of 5 Woman Artists for Experiment & Searching.(Seo-ho Gallery)
Exhibition of Korean Artists in Indonesia.(New Sainda In Convention Center)
Exhibition of the pictures of the Korean Flowers.(Baik-sang Gallery)
Exhibition of the Pioneers in morden Art of the 21th C..(Baik-sang Gallery)
Exhibition of self-portraits.(Jong-lo Gallery)
Invited Exhibition for Korean-Russian Fine Artists Interchange.
(Baik-sang Gallery,Petersburg Art Society-hall)
Two Pieces of 200F Owned by the Library of the Dong-sin University.
Kwangju Fine Arts Festival(In-je Art Bldg.)
Exhibition for the vision of Local Art Circles of the 21th C..
(Seo-kyung Gallery)
Exhibition of New Age Group.(Gung-dong Gallery,Nam-bong Gallery)
Exhibition of Nowadays Artists.(Mokpo Art Center)
Exhibition of Korean fine Arts Association.(Seoul)
Exhibition for Youngnam-Honam fine Arts Interchange.(Kwangju,Taegu,Pusan)
Exhibition of Chun-dong Group.(Nam-do Art Bldg.)
Exhibition of Choon-choo Group.(Arab Art Bldg.)
Exhibition of Kwangju Branch of Korean fine Arts Association.(Kwangju)
Exhibition of Graduate School of Kyunghi University.(Kyunghi University Museum)
Exhibition of Chun-woo Group.(Nam-do Art Bldg.)
1978, 1981
Exhibition of Baek-mi Group.(Newspapper Bldg.,Pusan)
Selected for Korea National Art Exhibition.
Selected for Choong-ang Grand prix Exhibition.
1975, 77, 78, 81
Specially Selected for Chunnam Province Art Exhibition.
Selected for Mok-woo Group Exhibition.


Member of Korean Art Association.
Professor of Mokpo College
Studio: +82. 61. 270. 2705 / Fax: +82. 61. 279. 8838
Home : Dong-A Apt. #6-1104,Yonghae-dong,530-380 Mokpo,Chunnam. South Korea
Cell phone: +82. 11. 613. 0639